What I love about Trish is her deep understanding, sense of humor and positive take on empowering women to make better choices through better information.

Ruth Drayer - TX

Author, Numerology: The Power in Numbers (a Hans Decoz top book recommendation), CyberNumbers

Trish’s readings hit the nail on the head every time. The one thing that really amazes me is her timing accuracy. I may WANT to push something to happen sooner, but Trish always knows whether it’s possible or not. I used to push anyway and struggle. In the end, I’d realize she was right. I’ve finally learned to just listen to her and follow her direction. The outcomes have been so much better as a result … AND without the pain!

Lisa Scolnick - NY

Certified High Performance Coach, Lisa Scolnick

Trish is AN awesome businesswoman and works hard for her clients keeping them on track in relationships, finance, health and business. She has gotten me focused on my new business. In addition she showed me that there’s hope for a new relationship after ending a broken 10-year relationship. I trust and believe Trish’s wisdom and ability to keep a secret about my deepest issues.

Sandra Hart - TX

Home Healthcare Specialist, Hart Referrals

Go to the source, Trish Mathews, gifted sensitive with a corporate, business sense, and you will NOT be sorry. I hired Trish again when I was getting a divorce, to stop and read the road map with me. Her listening skills are amazing, and she was able to pull me away from the day-to-day frustrations and look at life’s big picture and how I fit in that. She is very approachable, charming, and it is worth every penny of her consulting fee.

Laura O'Hear

I contacted Trish during a difficult time when I felt everything was going wrong in every aspect of my life. She quickly provided me with not only a comforting ear, but a sense of direction and understanding. I have gained priceless information from Trish about my purpose, my life and my relationships. Whether it’s a question about a job, an individual, or a difficult transition, I seek out Trish’s advice and use it to make a more educated decision.

Stasie Young - TX

Virtual Assistant, VERY Secretary

I’m a psychic but when I need to really get specific on timing, I ask Trish. She has this uncanny ability to “see” when the time is right, using numerology, astrology and other systems. She’s both a big picture gal and detailed analyst, tying current event timing with long-term life purpose. Trish has a firm understanding of Universal Laws and how to get into the flow … easily.

Peggy McMahan - CO

Hypnotherapist, SerafinaFortuna